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"Batgirl Taken Captive (60s Version)"

It would only be a matter of time before Batgirl's streak of successful crime fighting would run out. Though Barbara Gordon was the commissioner of Gotham City PD’s daughter, she had no formal training in martial arts, acrobatics or law enforcement, making her highly susceptible to a potential mishap.

One dark Gotham City night, Batgirl lurked high on the rooftops and in the shadows of Gotham’s tallest skyscrapers, looking for any signs of possible wrongdoers and law breakers. Unbeknownst to Batgirl, but three of Gotham’s most heinous villainesses had devised a plan to join forces in hopes of ridding Gotham City’s streets of Batgirl once and for all.

A trap was set while Batgirl was focused on rescuing a helpless young woman who had run into a gang of armed thugs in a dark alleyway. Batgirl was at her most vulnerable and in an instant, was surrounded by the thugs as they began to close in on her. Before the thugs made a single move, a trio of feminine silhouettes emerged from a dark fog that crept through the alley.

Selina Kyle, Harleen Quinzell and Pamela Isley each made their presence known as they stood in the direct eyeline of Batgirl, each dressed in sexy, skintight clad outfits, much like Batgirl’s own Batsuit.

As Batgirl stood in surprise at the sight of the three women, it only took a swift blow to the back of the head for her to become knocked unconscious and completely vulnerable to the will of Catwoman, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy and their gang of thugs.

Only a short time later, Barbara began to awaken in a light stir as her head felt groggy from the blow to the back of her head that was able to render her unconscious. As Batgirl began to regain her consciousness, she quickly realized that something was horribly wrong. She had been taken captive by the three diabolical femme fatales and brought to the confines Arkham Asylum.

Tightly and inescapably restrained by the three female supervillains, Batgirl rests helplessly detained on the cold dark floor inside of one of Arkham’s isolation cells. A cell Batgirl would spend a number of years detained inside, helpless to escape and unable to put a stop to the dastardly crimes that plagued the great city of Gotham.

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2 commentaires

Mr. Metzger
Mr. Metzger
20 nov. 2022

Now that's my kind of heroine! Also, Barbara has got to appreciate that her captors used restraints which match the colors of her outfit ;-)

Martin Martyr
Martin Martyr
25 nov. 2022
En réponse à

They are very aware of the aesthetics😁


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