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"Aubrey Frogtied and Gagged"

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I am super excited to announce the release of yet another brand new bondage custom video! This time featuring both a model and a rigger/producer that I have commissioned for the very first time. An absolutely gorgeous European bondage model named Aubrey and Netherlands based producer Jeff from and!

As you can tell from the above teaser, Aubrey is an amazingly beautiful girl. Her full, pouty lips, stunning blonde hair and blue eyes and her phenomenal body look like someone out of a Martyr 3D scene. While the thoroughly silencing gags, tight ropes and quality production crafted by Jeff make Aubrey look more stunning than she already is.

Aubrey sits on a bed in a set of sexy lingerie and glasses and begins examining some rope and bondage supplies on the bed after enjoying the look and feel of her new wardrobe. Not a moment too soon, Aubrey is adorned with a series of jute ropes and is tied in a tight frogtie position. A firm crotch rope is tied between Aubrey’s legs while a large knot in the rope is positioned perfectly in the right place. Aubrey’s hands have been taped together behind her back as she struggles to escape her bindings.

A short while later, the ballgag that has been dangling around Aubrey’s neck is placed inside her mouth with the strap pulled tight around her cheeks and buckled securely behind her head. After some time struggling, Aubrey’s head is wrapped tightly in layers of microfoam, squeezing her pouty lips tightly and covering her face and plugging her ballgag inside of her mouth so that she has no chance of pushing it out. Aubrey is now silenced completely and continues to struggle to escape.

After much struggle, Aubrey’s microfoam and ballgag are removed and her mouth is stuffed with a wad of black packing and a tight cleave gag is wrapped around her face and tied tightly behind her head. Aubrey continues to struggle, but comes no closer to escaping her bondage. Her face and cleave gag are then wrapped tightly in many more feet of microfoam tape, ensuring that her gag is extra silencing. Aubrey continues to struggle and attempts to talk from behind her gag, but it’s no use. She is completely helpless.

Finally, Aubrey’s cleave and microfoam wrap gag is removed and a green sponge is inserted into her mouth. Strips of tegaderm tape are applied to Aubrey’s face and over her lips, sealing the tegaderm in completely. Aubrey tries to talk, but again, she is silenced by her captor’s gag. Aubrey struggles sensually on the bed as she lies down and tries desperately to escape her helpless bondage and silencing gag. Will Aubrey ever be able to escape on her own?

If you are a fan of absolutely gorgeous girls, insane gags and amazing bondage content, don’t forget to check out, or you can watch Jeff here on DA @gagattack to stay up to date on all his amazing posts and releases. Jeff has worked with dozens of other outstanding bondage models including the likes of Chloe Toy, Penny Lee, Sarah Brooke, Ariel Anderssen, Missy (Lil Missy UK), Rachel Adams, Sophia Smith and Lucy Lauren (to name a few). If hot girls in super silencing gags are as appealing to you as they are to me, you will NOT be disappointed.

Get this scene and hundreds more at &!!!

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