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"Ashley Anderssen; Her Life in a Jacket"

It’s been several months, but Ashley Anderssen has not yet given up hope. She continues to squirm inside of her straitjacket, but is hardly able to move a muscle. After countless hours of wiggling and squirming Ashley assumes that some of the straps holding her captive would have loosened somewhat, but they continue to restrain her even tighter than ever before. She looks around in her padded cell that she has been securely locked inside, hoping and praying that there is some sort of way for her to be released from this terrible predicament, but the cell is as vacant and useless as it always is. As it has been since her capture so many months ago.

Poor Ashley’s hands, fingers and arms are useless as they are snuggly secured inside the sleeves of her jacket. Her arms pulled tightly around her waist and buckled and locked tightly together behind her back. A completely impossible feat for any young lady to escape from, including a helpless Ashley Anderssen. To add to her dilemma, Ashley’s legs have been confined to a strict legbinder that matches her jacket, adorned with numerous straps to ensure Ashley is nothing but an utterly helpless prisoner. Even Ashley’s mouth does her no good, considering a large ballgag has pried her jaw open wide with the strap pulled tightly around her face and locked securely behind her head. A sticky piece of microfoam tape has been placed over her lips, effectively converting her pleas for help to nothing but muffled, high pitched whimpers and discouraged moans of defeat.

Ashley continues to squirm in her straitjacket bondage, preparing herself to endure the many more months in which she believes she is to be confined to this state of helplessness. But little does she know, Ashley is obligated to release herself from her bondage in order to experience freedom in life once again. An endeavor nothing short of unattainable. Poor Ashley Anderssen struggles inside of her straitjacket, burdened with an impossible task she would never be fortunate enough to achieve.

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