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"An Irreversible Misunderstanding - 7"

Gunther and Sven move quickly as they bring Ashley through the hallway toward a door leading to a staircase.

“Ummm…. Where are we…” Ashley begins to ask, but the two men pay no attention to Ashley and continue to walk forward with her in their grasp.

Doctor Vilone stands in the doorway and watches as Ashley is escorted away.

“Gunther and Sven are excellent orderlies, but they speak very little English, Miss Anderssen.” Doctor Vilone informs Ashley as he smiles sadistically.

Ashley turns around to look at Doctor Vilone, but the orderlies have moved quickly and Ashley is already halfway down the hall.

“Um… Doctor Vilone?” Ashley questions in a worried manner as she turns her head to look back at Dr. Vilone while he stands in the doorway of his office as he watches Ashley quickly being taken away.

“I have a few more things to finalize for your commitment, Miss Anderssen. But don’t worry, Gunther and Sven will take good care of you until I can make my way down to admissions to oversee your commitment. If my calculations are correct, I should arrive just as the final touches are being applied to your jacket, Miss Anderssen. At that point, your commitment will be nearly complete.” Dr. Vilone assures Ashley as he continues to watch her being taken away by the brute force of the Orderlies.

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