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"An Irreversible Misunderstanding - 3"

Doctor Vilone opens a door that leads to a long hallway with a door with a glass window at the end. On the window reads a text that is too blurry for Ashley to read from the distance that she is at, but continues to walk alongside Doctor Vilone.

“So Miss Alexander, I read your commitment letter and I must say, I have never met anyone so enthusiastic about becoming a part of our establishment.” The Doctor says as she looks down and to his left to look at Ashley as she walks beside him.

“Well, I should let you know, Doctor Vilone, my name is Ashley Anderssen. I think the receptionist might have mixed my name up with another girl.” Ashley explains.

“Oh?” The Doctor replies in a questioning manner. “A simple spelling error I’m sure, Miss Anderssen.” Doctor Vilone assures Ashley as the two continue to walk forward slowly.

“Of course.” Ashley says as she smiles at the Doctor reassuringly.

“Now Miss Anderssen, you did read the details and descriptions of our college program in the posting, correct?” Doctor Vilone asks in a serious manner.

“Umm…” Ashley begins to respond as she does not recall reading the details in the posting.

“Because we have had several young women who have applied here without reading the description, and I can tell you that nothing disappoints me greater.” The Doctor says as he looks at Ashley.

“Umm.. Yes, I did read the description, and it sounds like it’s something that I’ve been waiting my whole life for.” Ashley lies to the Doctor. Ashley turns her head and bites her lip as if she sounds too eager and the Doctor may uncover her lie to find out she has no clue what the program entails.

“Something you’ve waited your whole life for, you say?” The Doctor reiterates Ashley’s statement. Ashley turns and looks up at the Doctor nervously.

“Um…*ahem* Yes Sir.” Ashley confirms as she clears her throat.

“Excellent.” Doctor Vilone says as he reaches his arm down and places his hand on the small of Ashley’s back. As the two make their way closer to Doctor Vilone’s office door, Ashley is too preoccupied by her interaction with the Doctor to notice the writing on the window of his door.

“I think you’ll be a perfect fit here Miss Anderssen. Maybe the most perfect fit we’ve ever had.” Doctor Vilone says with a nefarious smile as he opens the door to his office and escorts Ashley inside.

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Mr. Metzger
Mr. Metzger
Dec 07, 2022

The doc shows an enviable level of self-control. I mean it must be incredibly hard not to place your hand a bit lower than that 😜


Gahhhhh I can’t wait to see these 😍😍😍😍😍


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