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"An Indelible Mistake"

For the last 18 months, Carissa Andrews has spent her days and nights secluded to the confines of her dark and lonely prison cell. She had been falsely convicted of a series of crimes and was sentenced to years of incarceration in a federal penitentiary by a corrupt and unscrupulous judge.

Throughout Carissa’s imprisonment, her stunning good looks, innocent demeanor and voluptuous body earned her regular instances of unwanted attention at the hands of some of the more intimidating prisoners and the entire guard staff. One afternoon, while enjoying some recreation time in the prison’s yard, Carissa found herself in the middle of an unprovoked altercation with a group of prisoners, and was quickly detained by the guards monitoring the recreation time.

While the other prisoners were left to continue on with their recreation time, Carissa was taken back inside the prison and downstairs to the solitary confinement cell block located several levels below ground. There, Carissa was quickly stripped of her prison uniform and fitted into a shiny orange straitjacket with a series of various buckles and harnesses.

“Hey! What are you doing to me?!” Carissa exclaimed, but the guards continued to work on strapping her up nice and tight into her newly appointed restraint garment.

Carissa looked down at the jacket as the guards quickly bundled her into it’s confining grip. The words ‘DANGEROUS INMATE’ along with her prisoner identification number were sprawled across her chest. As if though Carissa’s straitjacket had been designed months ago and was ready and waiting for any opportunity to restrain the beautiful prisoner in it’s unforgiving clutches.

Carissa squirmed and struggled as her captors finished up the final touches of her confining straitjacket. One of the guards turned around to a standing cabinet in the room where Carissa was being trussed and presented a thick leather muzzle.

“What are you going… Mmmph mmm Mppph?!” Carissa begins to ask, but is immediately silenced when the guard plasters the thick leather over her mouth and face, strapping tightly behind Carissa’s head and locking it securely in place.

“MMmpp! MMmmm!!!!” Carissa struggles as she tries to speak from behind the thick leather, but it’s no use. The leather has conformed to her mouth and grips her face firmly. As soon as the remaining locks were applied to Carissa’s straitjacket, the guards quickly whisked her away toward her awaiting padded isolation cell. Carissa kicked and struggled as the guards dragged her down the hallway, assuming that this would be her final hope of being able to escape, but little did she know, the damage had already been done. Her fate was ascertained and her punishment set in stone. Carissa’s straitjacket had been secured on tightly and there was no chance of her ever being released.

As the guards arrived with Carissa to her terminal quarters, they opened the door and pushed Carissa inside with a forceful shove. She turned around to stare daggers at her captors, unable to believe her unfortunate mistreatment. The back of Carissa’s straitjacket is connected to a leather leash-like strap that dangled from the ceiling of her cell, tethering her to the confines of her enclosure.

“MMpp Mmm MMMMMPHHH!!” Carissa tries to scream into her gag, but the guards just laugh with amusement and close the cell door behind them, locking poor Carissa inside forever.

Years later, Carissa still remains condemned to the confines of her strict straitjacket, silencing muzzle and secluded isolation cell. Periodically, members of the staff and newer prisoners observe Carissa through a large plexiglass window that peers into her cell. The guards to taunt and mock poor Carissa, and the new prisoners to heed a warning that this catastrophic fate could be bestowed upon them just as easily as it was on Inmate C96864, the only designation that poor Carissa Andrews is now known by. Still strapped in and restrained as tight and securely as the day she was condemned to this hellish punishment, Carissa has no choice but to endure her new life as a heavily restrained and extraordinarily detained beautiful prison inmate.

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Mr. Metzger
Mr. Metzger
Nov 20, 2021

Awesome picture! I love how the jacket hugs Carissa's amazing curves and that massive gag is the perfect addition.

Martin Martyr
Martin Martyr
Nov 25, 2022
Replying to

Thank you! Nothing better for Carissa than a curve hugging straitjacket 😁


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