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"Alone In The Asylum - Preview 1"

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Staggering Reflection

As Ashley reached one of the hallways, she turned the corner and could see a large mirror standing against one of the walls. She had been locked in her restraints for so long, but she had never fully seen the extent of the straps surrounding her body. Ashley crept over to the mirror slowly and stood next to it, apprehensive of actually taking a peek at her current predicament. She peeked her head around the corner of the mirror and could see the reflection of the thick leather gag that had been wedged inside of her mouth and between her lips. Ashley’s eyes widened in surprise. She had an idea of what to expect, but the actual sight was more disheartening than she had imagined. Ashley then positioned herself in front of the mirror and stood at attention, spreading her legs as far as they could with the heavy chain restricting them to only a few feet. She propped herself up on her tiptoes as she examined the extent of her entire body’s captivity in the large mirror.

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2 comentarios

Mr. Metzger
Mr. Metzger
05 abr 2021

Even more staggering than her reflection is her perfect behind...

Me gusta
Martin Martyr
Martin Martyr
21 sept 2021
Contestando a

Ashley certainly works hard on her body ;)

Me gusta

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