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"A Slave's Acceptance"

Natalie stumbles down a dark and foreign hallway led by a bold brunette woman dressed in a skintight latex catsuit, matching gloves and boots as the pair walk toward an undisclosed location. Natalie has been stripped of her clothing and forced to wear a revealing leather harness and a pair of full sleeve latex mitts, each with a set of straps and buckles at Natalie’s wrists and biceps. Each of the straps have been locked to one another behind Natalie’s back, subduing her into helpless submission.

The sound of the catsuit cladded woman’s heels tap against the wooden floor in a rhythmic fashion while they are accompanied by an ensemble of random jingling from the chains of Natalie’s ankle cuffs and the sporadic sound of her ballet boots as they thud against the wooden floor. Natalie tries to keep her balance while resisting her capture, but the combination of her restrained ankles, the tip-toed posture of her ballet boots and the firm tug of the leash attached to her collar make it extremely difficult.

As Natalie is forced to follow the lead of her cat suited captor, she knows nothing about the life altering predicament she has found herself in. Her new life as a helpless bondage slave has only yet to begin and no matter how hard Natalie tries, she will never be able to escape the clutches of her new Mistress. A fate Natalie will never come to terms with for as long as her Mistress chooses to hold poor Natalie. Unfortunately for Natalie, regardless of whether or not she accepts her new fate. Only Natalie’s captor needs to accept Natalie’s situation, for poor Natalie can do nothing to stop it.

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