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"A Few Minutes: A Fate She Desired"

Hannah had walked these city streets dozens of times before, but this trip would change her life forever. After a long night of dinner, drinks and dancing with her friends, Hannah decided to take the long stroll down Liberty Street to her apartment instead of the shared cab service with her friends.

“I could use a little time to think. I just… I don’t know what I’m going to do.” Hannah replies as her friends try to encourage her to join them in the cab ride home. Hannah had been laid off from her job earlier in the week, but she felt that cancelling on her friends would just depress her even more. Even prior to Hannah’s release from her job, her bills had been piling up and she had maxed out all of her credit cards. With only a few hundred dollars in the bank to last her until who knows when, Hannah embarks slowly toward her home.

Hannah walks slowly as the sound of her heels clicking the pavement is the only noise that can be heard on this quiet Saturday evening. Hannah’s mind races with thoughts that cause her anxiety. She continues to stress about what she is going to do and how she is going to be able to afford to live in the coming weeks. While Hannah remains preoccupied by her financial dilemma, she is completely unaware that a large man dressed in all black clothing and a black ski mask has been following her. He started several blocks ago, but has slowly made his way closer and closer to Hannah without her knowing.

As Hannah reaches an intersection in the street, she stops briefly to look both ways before crossing. She knows there is no traffic out at this time of the morning, but old habits die hard. Hannah’s brief pause in her stride gives just enough time for the man to sneak up behind her without making a sound and grab Hannah firmly and tightly. Hannah’s reaction is to scream, but the man has his large hand and fingers cupped tightly over Hannah’s mouth. Hannah squirms and kicks to try to escape the man’s grip as he carries her off toward his safehouse.

Mere minutes later, Hannah finds herself stripped of her red dress and tightly bound and gagged in a dark basement. The man has used many feet of rope to restrain Hannah as well as a large red ballgag and a strip of white microfoam tape plastered over her mouth to add to her ballgag’s silencing effect. Sheer instinct kicks in as Hannah begins to struggle to escape her helpless torment. But a strange revelation dawns on Hannah...

At first, Hannah did what any tied up girl would do when in the clutches of her captor, kick, scream, claw and fight her way to any means of escape that she could. But the more Hannah thought about the impending results of her predicament, the more she began to calm down and gain appreciation in her captivity. Her struggling became less about trying to escape and more about feeling the sensation of the ropes as they squeezed her body. Testing their durability and their ability to hold her in their grasp. Hannah bites down hard on the big rubber ball that’s been stuffed inside of her mouth and moans in satisfaction. She adjusts her jaw slightly to feel the stretch and the sticky adhesive from the tape on her face. She looks around the room to get an idea of her surroundings.

A short time later, the man unlocks the cellar down from outside and begins to descend downward into the cellar to check on his prey. Much to his surprise, he finds a completely calm and content Hannah kneeling peacefully in her ropes on the cellar floor.

“Is everything alright?” The man asks in a deep, raspy voice he uses to disguise his real voice. Hannah nods her head politely at the man as he stands at the base of the steps, confused as to what is going on, wondering why Hannah is not a frantic mess because of her situation. The only possible explanation that the man can surmise is that Hannah has always wanted to be tied up, but has never had the opportunity. The man smiles and walks over to Hannah and crouches down behind her.

The truth of the matter is, that Hannah has been so stressed over her financial troubles and the uncertainty of not having a job when her bills pile up, that being captured and held prisoner in this basement was an immense relief from the stress of the real world. Here, she had no bills to pay, no interviews to attend, no late fees for credit card payments. Not a care in the world and absolutely zero responsibility. Hannah felt an overwhelming sense of relief and serenity from being bound and gagged with nowhere to go.

The man reaches down and caresses Hannah’s arms as she pulls against her ropes.

“Are the ropes too tight?” The man asks Hannah as he tugs on some of her bindings. Hannah nods her head ‘Yes’ to inform him that the ropes are in fact very tight.

“Would you like me to loosen them?” The man asks. Hannah shakes her head ‘No’ and squirms a bit as she rests her head on the man’s chest, nuzzling close to him.

“Are you okay with this? Do you want me to leave you here tied up and gagged?” The man asks quietly. Hannah slowly nods her head ‘Yes’.

“Mmm Hmm.” She moans from behind her ballgag and microfoam tape.

“Good. I thought so.” The man replies as he pulls on some of Hannah’s ropes, ensuring that she will never escape from his ropework. Hannah moans in satisfaction as the stresses of her uncertain life wash away with the cleansing of her captivity.

Ironic how this new life of restraint and bondage could be so liberating for Hannah.

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Mr. Metzger
Mr. Metzger
09 Αυγ 2021

You know, it's a bit of a shame the dress disappeared so quickly, Hannah's outfit is simply incredible! Whoever snatched her is one lucky bastard, esp. now that she even appreciates the right bondage...

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Martin Martyr
Martin Martyr
22 Σεπ 2021
Απάντηση σε

I too like that dress. It actually came as a bit of an after thought as I was going to do something a bit different, but I thought this was a nice change of pace. I also thought it would be fun to have the girl actually enjoy the bondage because I honestly don't think I have ever done that before. But to be fair, there's something about a poor, captured young lady that doesn't like being tied up mesmerizing.

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