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"A Few Hours: Supermodel's Super Sentence Ver. 2"

*Note: Although the differences between version 1 and version 2 of this image are rather subtle, I just couldn't decide which one I liked better. So, I hope you enjoy both. ;)

South African supermodel Carolyn Morgan had been the focus of the authorities for some time. Not because she was a criminal and had done anything illegal, but because her stunning physique and attractive features made her the perfect candidate to be imprisoned in an inescapable Siltex Restraint suit.

She complains and protests as her long flowing blonde hair is brushed to the side to make way for a thick and obstructive panel gag to fill her mouth with silencing and muffling rubber. A large mass of rubber located behind Carolyn’s panel gag is stuffed deeply into her mouth filling the inside perfectly. The leather straps are pulled tightly behind her head causing the panel to press firmly against her plump lips, squishing them against the back of the rubber panel and muffling her pleas to nearly silence. Her eyes widen in fear and discomfort as the realization of her new imprisonment comes into focus.

Carolyn is forcefully taken into an awaiting cell with a diabolical looking contraption bolted down to the center of the room. She struggles ferociously to try to escape as she knows the contraption is meant to hold her captive. The guards bring Carolyn to her knees and begin to lock her securely into the horrific device. Her wrists are quickly locked into steel cuffs attached to the outer edge of the device. She tries to kick her captors and struggle her way to freedom, but their grip is far too strong. They begin to lock her ankles into similar cuffs located at the opposite end of the device.

“Mmmmmph!!!” She strains to try to scream from behind her gag, but her mouth is so packed and her lips so pressed by the firm rubber that nothing but a silent whimper comes out.

The captors quickly lock Carolyn’s neck into the top end of the device before exiting the cell and locking her inside. She tries desperately to struggle for release, but her restraints are far too secure. She looks around the cold, dark cell and her faith quickly turns to hopelessness now that she has realized her fate of imprisonment. Mere hours prior Carolyn was a famous and successful supermodel, but now she was nothing but a detained and helpless prisoner. Left to carry out her sentence in a decrepit cell.

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Martin Martyr
Martin Martyr
Feb 18, 2021

@Mr. Metzger Definitely. I generally prefer arms being restrained behind the girl's back, so when I did this, I had to have a version like that. But then I really liked the way that her crotch harness could be seen in the other version. It's a nice angle ;)


Mr. Metzger
Mr. Metzger
Jan 25, 2021

Certainly not an easy decision, both versions undoubtedly have their perks... I think I like this one a bit better. But really by a small margin only.


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