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"A Case of Mistaken Identity"

Ashley stirs slowly as she begins to come to. Her head feels groggy and disoriented as she attempts to sit up from her lying position on the ground, but she quickly finds that her movement is comfortably restricted. She realizes that she is in a dark room with only the faint light of the moon creeping through a small window. Ashley squints to try to make sense of her situation before looking down toward her body. Ashley’s eyes widen in fear as she quickly discovers that she has been confined to a form fitting medical straitjacket.

Ashley attempts to exclaim in confusion, but is met with the silencing effect of a thorough and massive gag. Ashley looks down to her feet and finds that her ankles have been strapped together by thick medical cuffs and restraints. She uses the convenience of a nearby wall to sit up from laying on the floor. Ashley leans her back into the wall and finds that it is soft and pillowy, like a cushion. Ashley sighs with frustration and begins to tug on the arm straps of her confining straitjacket, but they provide zero relief.

As Ashley continues to struggle, she begins to surmise that she may be able to pull the restraining garment from her torso over her head and escape the grip of this wretched restraint. Ashley begins to wriggle her arms and lift them upward so that she can slide her way out of the jacket, but then feels a firm tug press against her bare vagina. Ashley spreads her legs and looks down toward her crotch to find that her straitjacket is outfitted with a snug strap pulled tightly between her legs and secured with a buckle behind her back.

Ashley’s hopes of escaping begin to grow very thin as the severity of her situation is brought to light. Ashley sits calmly in the corner of the padded cell as she tries to recall the last moments she remembers before waking up in the confines of this horrible restraint. Bits and pieces of her memory begin to reveal themselves as Ashley breathes calmly through her nose. She recalls being in a small room with a tall, thin man in a white coat. The man repeatedly refers to Ashley as “Miss Morgan”. Ashley attempted to correct the man, by saying “I’m not sure who ‘Miss Morgan’ is, but my name is Ashley Anderssen.” But the last thing Ashley can recall is the man saying “You’re beginning to show symptoms of delusion, Miss Morgan. Please, drink this….”

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