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"Wrongfully Imprisoned"

Danielle makes her way through the horrific hallways of Fallbrook Correctional Facility at the hands of her escorts, two large statured guards on either side of her, each with a firm grasp of Danielle’s bicep. Danielle’s ankles and wrists are shackled securely by two sets of steel cuffs. The sound of her ankle chain reverberates off the cell block walls as it jingles between her feet and scrapes along the floor.

Danielle looks around the prison anxiously as she scuffs her standard issue prisoner sandals along the concrete floor, trying to find a means of escape. A horrific mistake and terrible misunderstanding has found Danielle in the clutches in one of the world’s most devious prisons. No matter how much she begs, no one would believe her pleas of innocence. It was hopeless. Danielle has been taken prisoner with no hope of escape.

Danielle and her escorts approach an empty cell toward the end of the cell block. One of the guards tightens her grip on Danielle’s arm while the other removes her keys from her belt and opens the cell door.

“Get in!” The guard says as she points toward the inside of the empty cell. Danielle looks up at the guard with Doe-like eyes that plead for mercy. The guard intensifies her stare at Danielle and extends her arm toward the cell even further. Danielle bows her head in defeat and shuffles her way inside the empty cell.

The guard quickly closes the door behind Danielle and locks it securely, trapping poor Danielle inside. The guard twists her key ring to a small key and brings it up toward the cell bars.

“Hands…” The guard directs as she looks down toward Danielle’s cuffed wrists. Danielle had to stand on her tiptoes and bend her back to position her waist forward so that the cuffs that have been attached to her belt are accessible to the guard through the bars. Leaving Danielle’s ankles cuffed, the guard unlocks Danielle’s cuffed hands and leaves the cuffs attached to Danielle’s belt, an ominous reminder that she can be very quickly and easily restrained into complete submission.

Danielle looks down at her cuffs and begins to massage her sore wrists. She looks up at the guards and grasps the bars tightly in her hands.

“I don’t belong in here! You’ve got to believe me!” Danielle pleads with the guards.

“Hahaha!” Both guards begin to laugh at Danielle and take pleasure in her predicament.

“Looks to me like there’s nothing you can do about it, Sweetheart. Hahaha!” One of the guards says sarcastically.


Danielle begs as she reaches her arm through the cell bars toward the guards who stand a safe distance away from their prisoner.

“Enjoy your cell, Prisoner 375… Hahahaha.” One of the guards says as the two continue to laugh at Danielle’s misfortune. The guards begin to exit the cell block in the direction from which they came.

“No! Please don’t leave me!”

Danielle begs as the two guards pay no attention to her and continue to exit the cell block.

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