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"Witness Protection 9: Protective Measures"

Mere minutes later, Whitney is taken from the interrogation room to a cell deep in the basements of the precinct. Whitney’s clothes are quickly replaced with a red leather jumpsuit and a series of shackles and harnesses.

“What?! What the hell are you doing?! Let me go!” Whitney yells at the officers as they secure her to the heavy chair.

A large rubber ball attached to a thick leather strap is wedged in her mouth and is sealed in with an adhesive piece of clear sticky tape across her face and lips.

“Mmpph mm Mmm MMMPhhhh!!” Whitney screams from behind her gag.

Alone and restrained, Whitney begins to pull on the chains that hold her prisoner. She tugs and strains, but not a single harness or restraint will budge.

“Hmmmph MMMM!!!” She screams out from inside of her lonesome cell.

“Hmmmmmmmmpphhh!!!!!” She tries to scream louder and at a higher pitch, but it’s no use. She must remain restrained until the authorities find the suspected killer. It could be weeks, months, even years before Whitney is allowed to be released from her confines, but on the other hand, she may be left to endure her “protection” indefinitely.

The End.

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