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"Welcomed Wanderer - 8"

There was some sort of a number printed on the top, but Cali seemed to be more fixated on the buckles and straps that were adorned on the top.

The top took some time to get onto Cali, due to its small nature, but seemed like it might be difficult to get back off for the same reason. The woman began to buckle the straps of the top behind Cali’s back. “What are you doing back there?” Cali asked, even though she had a good idea. Once the back straps were buckled, the woman knelt down slightly and pulled a single strap from the front center of the top and pulled it between Cali’s legs and began to thread it between the buckle behind Cali’s back above her rear end. The woman tugged firmly on there strap, pulling it snugly into Cali’s crotch and buttocks. “Hey!” Cali proclaimed in a high pitched voice. She felt uncomfortable, but oddly aroused by the tight strap belted between her legs.

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