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"Welcome To Slavery"

The sound of a large metal door slams shut while beautiful slave girl Whitney Taylor stirs as she begins to slowly come to. Whitney can hear the sound of the steel door locking just as she tries to open her eyes. Her vision is completely blinded and her head feels groggy, making it impossible to make out her surroundings. Whitney is slouched over, but still in a standing position. She can feel that her legs are spread wide with a tight leather strap pulled between them, yet her arms are pinned very closely together behind her back. Whitney tries to inhale deeply through her mouth, but feels a large obstruction has been wedged deep inside of her mouth.

Whitney lifts her head and tries to look around, but can see nothing from behind the black leather cloth covering her eyes. She cannot see that a large full length mirror has been positioned directly in front of her. Whitney begins to struggle in a futile attempt to escape her bondage. Whitney stands up on her tiptoes, foolishly hoping that she can somehow maneuver her ankles out of the thick leather cuffs that have secured her legs in between a sturdy spreader bar. Whitney is startled as she begins to fall over, but the thick steel chain tethering her to the ceiling catches her and pulls taut. Whitney twists her head to see if she can hear any clues that might give her an idea of where she might be.

Whitney sways her hips as she tries to struggle out of her bondage, her back arched sensually, the tight leather harness strapped securely around her body, pressing firmly into her most private areas.

“Hewwo?” Whitney attempts to get the attention of whomever may have taken Whitney captive and restrained her in such a provocative way, but no one responds.

“Rrrr!” Whitney grunts in frustration. Whitney struggles intently in her tight armbinder in an attempt to try to escape her dilemma. The thick leather collar around her neck, the tight leather armbinder gripping her arms together in strict restraint, the straps of the leather harness clenching her torso tight, the large red ballgag plunged deeply into her mouth, the leather blindfold covering her eyes and effectively blinding her and the rigid spreader bar restraining her legs so that she cannot close or open her legs any further. Whitney is stuck. Restrained securely in strict bondage slavery. Held in tight restraint and helpless to resist her captor’s actions. Unable to escape or free herself from her strict restraints, Whitney begins to slowly and sensually thrust her hips into the tight harness strapped between her legs. A new life of bondage slavery awaits the lovely Whitney Taylor.

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1 Comment

Mr. Metzger
Mr. Metzger
Nov 28, 2022

Holy crap! This starts out smoking hot and gets even better with each variation! The finale with Whitney blindfolded and harnessed... incredibly sexy. Fantastic work!


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