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"Walk, Don't Run!"

After capture from a diabolical villain, Chelsea finds herself in a situation of terrifying peril. Confined to an abandoned warehouse secluded far from civilization, Chelsea has been locked inside an inescapable Siltex restraint suit designed specifically to her body measurements and created just for this special occasion.

Chelsea’s hands have been rendered completely useless as they have been concealed in the small mitts of her Siltex suit.

Chelsea’s legs tremble nervously as she tries to maintain her balance on the narrow beam. Will Chelsea ever escape this horrific peril, or will the combination of fatigue, instability and gravity get the better of this poor young lady?

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2 comentários

Martin Martyr
Martin Martyr
09 de out. de 2020

@Mr. Metzger Thank you very much! Ah, you picked up on that eh? Looks like poor Chelsea has been duped into quite a conundrum.


Mr. Metzger
Mr. Metzger
08 de out. de 2020

Oh boy, this is sooo evil... love it! Now, how is she gonna use that knife to cut off the noose with those mittens securing her hands? I'm afraid regaining freedom will require more than maintaining her balance for several minutes ;-)


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