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"Unattainable Freedom"

She was innocent, but in here, that didn’t matter. Kayleigh was just a lonely prisoner who’d been handed down a long enough sentence to ensure that would likely never see the light of day again. No different from the rest of the girls who had been captured and incarcerated inside, she shared their exact fate as condemned prisoners with no chance of escape.

Kayleigh’s Siltex Suit was perfectly crafted to hug every curve of her body and hold her in strict imprisonment for the remainder of her punishment. She tried to plead with the guard escorting her to certain doom, but this was just another day for him. The countless times he’s heard an innocent young woman beg him for release has caused him to become desensitized to their efforts toward unattainable freedom.

Only a matter of moments remained before Kayleigh would be locked away in her prison cell, but it was already too late. There was nothing she could do to overcome the strict restraint and impossible captivity that she now faced and would face for the years and decades to come.

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