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"Trapped In The Asylum"

She begged and squirmed, but Mia could not convince the orderlies to release their firm grasp as they dragged her quickly down a dark hallway toward a vacant padded cell. Mia racked her brain trying to think of who might have had her committed against her will as she was taken forcefully to her new quarters.

“I’m not crazy! Let me go!” She pleaded desperately to deaf ears. The two men of substantial size and stature were unwilling to listen to the words they’ve heard a thousand times before from dozens of beautiful young ladies just like Mia.

When the trio arrived at the entrance of Mia’s new cell, the orderlies unlocked the door and threw Mia inside. They then entered the cell after Mia and quickly closed the door behind them. Mia was immediately stripped of her hospital attire down to her panties and outfitted with a series of shiny leather restraints.

A pair of matching sleeves slid tightly over Mia’s arms, sealing her hands and fingers inside two tiny mittens at the end. The sleeves were tightly buckled around Mia’s forearms and locked together behind her back. A leather harness squeezed Mia’s waist tightly and was run snuggly between her legs and locked in place at her abdomen. A tall and firm posture collar was wrapped tightly around her neck, limiting her head movement and squeezing her neck ever so gently.

An ensemble of leather ankle cuffs and thigh straps were tightly belted around her legs, preventing her from standing, let alone trying to escape her captivity on foot. A large white ballgag was wedged deep into Mia’s mouth as she continued to plead her sanity to the corrupt and deceitful hospital staff as they rendered her completely helpless and at their mercy.

Mia struggled as the orderlies stood, towering over their latest victim and proudly observing the strictness of the unyielding restraints that held their captive firmly. The orderlies turned and began to exit the cell. Mia lunged forward to try to make her way toward the cell door, but her restraints kept her nearly immobile as the orderlies locked her inside.

“Phomboby Hwwlph mmph!!” Mia tried to yell from behind her ballgag, but she was miles and miles from any form of civilization and locked deep inside a horrific insane asylum. She struggled desperately to escape her restraints, but the orderlies were true professionals. Mia would never be able to escape the confines of her leather sleeves without the assistance of another human.

Unfortunately for her, Mia’s captors had strict orders to never let her leave the asylum. Orders that would keep Mia a helplessly restrained prisoner throughout the duration of her therapy.

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