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"Tourist Troubles"

Ashley Anderssen had been traveling with a group of tourists on an expedition when she became separated from her group and quickly found herself lost in the jungle. After a couple of hours, she stumbled upon a clearing with what appeared to be a small village.

“Hello? I’m lost. Can anybody help me?” She asks, but no one responds.

Several hours later, Ashley finds herself captured by a tribe of indigenous warriors and contained deep within a pit where slaves and prisoners are kept.

Would she be part of some sort of sacrificial ritual to appease a god of some kind? Would she be forced into slavery to serve the elders of the tribe? Or Would she just be left to live her days in this treacherous pit? She looks back up toward the sky wondering how she could ever get out.

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1 Comment

Mr. Metzger
Mr. Metzger
Jun 26, 2020

Beautiful restraints from head to toe! Now the rain just needs to perfect her top ;-)


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