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"Throwback Thursday: Woke Up In Here"

Most of my stories (if not all), are generally told in chronological order. What happens first is told first and the story progresses in the sequential timeline of events. I usually do this because I like to show the girls experiencing freedom, before they are captured and restrained. If I show them restrained right away, it kind of throws off the surprise element of how they will eventually be bound.

A few years ago, I decided to experiment a little and try to write a story out of chronological order. “Woke Up In Here” starts off with a young woman who wakes up confused and disoriented in a strange room. She quickly finds out that she has been wrapped up in a straitjacket and gagged with medical tape. She has absolutely no recollection of the previous few days, and for that matter, how or why she has been held in tight restraint.

As she struggles to escape her unforgiving straitjacket bondage, she begins to have small flashbacks of the previous days’ events as she tries to piece together the moments leading up to her current dilemma. The more pieces of the puzzle that she is able to uncover and put together, the sooner she begins to realize that this has all been a huge misunderstanding and that she doesn’t belong imprisoned in bondage. But unfortunately for her, the predicament that she finds herself in leaves zero opportunity for her to plead her case with her captors.

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