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"Throwback Thursday: Turned Into Beautiful Prisoners"

It's obviously no secret that I am a huge fan of female prisoners in traditional (and very often fantasy) outfits and restraints. To me, there's something about the appeal that a young woman is taken into custody by a powerful authority and that it is legal in this circumstance to capture, restrain and detain her. It's an interesting dynamic to turn the 'heroine' into the 'villain', even when she hasn't done anything illegal or "wrong". To put it another way, somehow, this is morally acceptable, so the young woman really has no chance to escape.

This is yet another older scene that I found while digging into past projects and I thought it would be a good one to render with some updated lighting techniques. This was a story that I worked on briefly and ended up progressing on to something else, so I really only have a few scenes that were created. This being as close to the pinnacle scene as it gets out of the ones created. The story follows two beautiful young women who are wrongfully accused of a slew of crimes. They are swiftly sentenced to prison and are incarcerated in a small cell on the second floor of a maximum security prison. This scene depicts the two new inmates as they discuss their current dilemma and try to find out where it all went wrong. Since these two young ladies are deemed the dangerous prisoners that they are, they are of course kept securely restrained in their shackles on top of being locked inside their prison cell. A fate worthy of two beautiful prisoners like themselves are required to endure.

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