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"Throwback Thursday: Girlfriends Imprisoned"

This is yet another older scene that was revamped with more updated lighting and textures. Featuring the first versions of my Bridgette and Ashley characters, this was part of a brief story that followed the girls as they were quickly thrust through a corrupt justice system and sentenced to years of imprisonment in a treacherous correctional facility.

Even though this was the first character version of Bridgette, this image inspired me to revamp Bridgette yet again. Of course, a revamped character deserves a new story/scenario. So in a way, this image inspired an entirely new series for which I have been brainstorming and building ideas in my head recently. I hope to start building some scenes in the near future after I complete a few commissions and other scenes that need a few tweaks here and there.

Anyway, hope you enjoy.

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