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"Throwback Thursday: Extended Stay"

This scene was created nearly 3 years ago, but has been remastered to modern specs. From yet another story that never came to full fruition entitled “Extended Stay”, this scene takes place near the end of the story as it displays one of the main characters after she has been locked in a solitary isolation cell.

The main premise of this story is that two young ladies are tricked into taking a tour of a large facility miles out at sea with a group of other women via a cruise ship. Little do any of the occupants know, but know that they have been taken to the facility, their hopes of getting back home have dropped to zero. The two young ladies are taken into custody by a team of guards and henchmen along with the other ladies from their tour and are destined to spend a lifetime trapped in a devious prison in the far reaches of the middle of the ocean.

This image here takes place several years after the girls are first taken captive in the facility and have since spent their lives as prisoners for nearly a decade. After some brief mouthing off, the girls are outfitted with a series of leather harnesses and shackles and taken to separate isolation cells where they are held indefinitely.

Note: If you were a member of my Patreon a couple of years ago, you might have seen a very grainy and low quality test image of two girls who are sitting on a bench with their hands cuffed behind their backs. They are each wearing matching “Spirebrook” prison white tee-shirts and are just moments away from locking lips with one another. That was also a scene from this story, but rendered on my old computer at a much lower quality.

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