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"Throwback Thursday: Bridgette Likes It"

Kidnapped, held for ransom and kept tightly bound and gagged in her captor’s hideout, Bridgette can do nothing but squirm in her tight rope bondage. But when the time came for her to be turned over after the ransom had been paid, Bridgette was hesitant to leave. She enjoyed being at the mercy of her captor and relished the thought of being unable to escape his clutches. The captor pulled Bridgette from her cell and began to drag her to the meeting place. Bridgette struggled and squirmed as she tried to say something from behind her gag. The captor removed the gag only to be surprised by Bridgette’s request. She pleaded with him to stay in bondage and remain his captive. Bridgette quickly began to concoct a more persuasive way to entice her captor to keep her. Something that would be worth more to him than her ransom.

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