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"The Wrong Girl"

In her wildest nightmares, poor Lizzy could never have imagined that it could have happened to her. Mistaken for a disgraceful criminal, she had been found guilty of a slew of various crimes and sentenced to a number of years in a horrifying prison by a terrible and dastardly judge. Worst of all, Lizzy had been deemed a danger to herself and the staff of the prison by the Warden who had ordered Lizzy to endure in sentence in the confines of a Siltex Restraint Suit made to her exact specifications.

Lizzy’s entire body had been completely restrained and encased in the inescapable suit as a female guard escorted her to her new living quarters. A dark and confining cell when Lizzy would remain throughout her extensive prison sentence. The guard was forceful with her prisoner as she shoved Lizzy forward several times, forcing Lizzy to pick up her pace as she walked toward certain doom.

The light bulbs flickered in the cell block hallway as Lizzy looked around for some sort of means of escape, but she was completely helpless. The large steel barred door leading to the cell block was shut behind her and locked, trapping her inside as she made her way to her cell. Even if she had some means of egress, she would never be able to escape the treachery of this diabolical Siltex Suit that she found herself the captive of.

Only seconds remained as Lizzy shuffled her way through the cell block hallway toward her awaiting cell. She began to panic as she realized that these could be the last seconds she would ever see outside of the four small concrete walls that would surely hold her in perfect incarceration for the entirety of her dreadful prison sentence.

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