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"The Misadventures of Miss McKayla: A Day In The Life - 7 & 8"

Part 7:


McKayla takes a step backward quickly and nearly stumbles after running into someone who is tying their shoelace on the sidewalk. McKayla’s force thrusts the person to the ground so that they land on their hands and knees. The man McKayla had her altercation with stands laughing at McKayla’s embarrassing and humiliating moment.

“Hey! Why don’t you watch where the hell you’re going?!” McKayla says aggressively to the person she accidentally forced to the ground.

Part 8:


In a split second, the person McKayla had knocked to the ground lunges upward and stands behind McKayla, towering over her. McKayla glances over her shoulder and quickly realizes that the person she knocked over is a New York City police officer of a large stature. The female officer stares intently at McKayla with an extremely angry facial expression. McKayla smirks at the officer in hopes of trying to diffuse the situation, but the officer just grabs McKayla by the arm.

“Oh shit…” McKayla exclaims in a deflated voice.

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