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"The Misadventures of Miss McKayla: A Day In The Life - 4"


After a quick towel dry, McKayla makes her way back out to her bedroom and over to her dresser. She opens one of the doors and pulls out a pair of white panties and matching bra and slides each of her legs through the panties and up around her hips. She then slides her arms through each of the bra straps, positions it correctly and snaps the clasp in the back between her shoulder blades. McKayla then walks over to her closet and opens the doors to reveal an assortment of various clothing. In the interest of comfort, while still staying warm in the cold temperatures outside, McKayla grabs a pair of black, high-waist spandex yoga pants and a similar black turtleneck sweater. She slides her legs into the tight spandex pants as they expand around her calves and thighs. She stretches the waist of the pants out a bit and brings them up over her hips and around her waist. The top band of the spandex is a bit less stretchy than the hips and legs and compresses her skin as it squeezes around her waist. She runs her hands along the stretchy fabric that caresses her body and works out any wrinkles that might be in the fabric. McKayla then takes the turtleneck and slides it over her head and around her torso. She then walks over to her vanity and glances at herself in the mirror whilst brandishing a confident smirk. With her outfit nearly complete, just a quick drying of her wet hair is needed before venturing out to the streets to continue on with her day.

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