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"The Misadventures of Miss McKayla: A Day In The Life - 3"


McKayla reaches out to the faucet in her shower and turns the dial to the off position, shutting off the flow of water to the shower head. She opens the door to exit the shower into the steam filled bathroom as the final residual droplets of water rain down onto the shower floor. Before grabbing a towel to dry herself off, McKayla stands nude in front of the small round mirror above her sink and begins to brainstorm her makeup regimen with what blurry image she can see of herself in the fogged up mirror. McKayla’s hair is soaking wet and drips behind her down onto the soft bath mat located at the base of her sink. McKayla can’t help but smirk at the sight of herself reflecting back at her in the mirror. McKayla snaps herself out of her daze after getting lost in her own beauty, and she begins to envision an outfit she can wear for the beginning of the day. Her closet is full of endless combinations for her wardrobe, and the hardest part is deciding which to go with, as everything looks amazing on McKayla. Though, the options are narrowed down a bit as McKayla knows it is going to be a cold winter day outside. She turns around and reaches out to the glass door on the shower and grabs a large white towel and begins to dry herself off before exiting back into her bedroom.

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