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"The Misadventures of Miss McKayla: A Day In The Life - 2"


As her alarm clock begins to buzz, McKayla starts to stir as she awakens from her slumber. She stretches her arms and lets out a big yawn before rolling over and pressing the ‘off’ button on her alarm. McKayla sits up in her bed and rubs her eyes with her hands and fingers before pulling the covers off of her and placing her feet on the floor to exit her bed. Even though it is a cold winter day outside, the warm morning sunlight has replaced the cool moonlight and illuminates her bedroom. McKayla walks over to the mirror that rests atop her vanity and stands for a moment as she stares at her beautiful body and face. She looks just as stunning as she did before falling asleep. McKayla begins to run her hands through her hair in an effort to improve on her already perfect looking hair. She pouts her lips for herself in the mirror and with a chuckle asks herself “Could you be any hotter?”. She scoffs at her obviously rhetorical question and turns away from the mirror to head toward her bathroom in order to prepare for another auspicious day.

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