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"The Latex Prison"

Poor Tiffany and Melissa had been in uncompromising situations before, but nothing like this. Falsely arrested for crimes they insisted they didn’t commit, the two beautiful young women were quickly tried and convicted before being sentenced to a lifetime of unthinkable incarceration. Only this prison was unlike any the girls had ever heard of. This prison housed only the most beautiful female inmates in the world and kept them under lock and key for the duration of their sentences. Given that the most beautiful women in the world were incarcerated in this facility, their uniforms were designed to accentuate their luscious bodies and attract the full attention of any guards and viewers that might have the privilege of being graced with the prisoners’ presence. While ensuring the condemned stay securely shackled and restrained, of course.

Even the female guards are outfitted with matching latex suits and uniforms. It’s a shame for Tiffany and Melissa that they have to find out first hand what the conditions of this dreadful prison are like. Unfortunate, for them, indeed.

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Martin Martyr
Martin Martyr
Feb 18, 2021

@Mr. Metzger Wow! I didn't realize how far back I got in my comment replies. I felt like it was a few days, apparently I haven't replied yet this entire year! Apologies for the delay. Anywho, Thank you, I am quite fond of the blonde myself. I really like that hair a lot. So much so that I ended up using it on another character whom will be used used fairly frequently ;)


Mr. Metzger
Mr. Metzger
Jan 09, 2021

Now that's the kind of governmental facility I'd gladly pay taxes for. Especially the blonde inmate looks absolutely stunning!


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