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"The Importance Of Commitment"

Her fate had been sealed. Taken to the depths of a horrific insane asylum and taken to the most secluded of cell blocks, she protested against her incarceration, but that only brought more unfortunate circumstances. A white Siltex Restraint Suit configured in the form of an inescapable straitjacket, she could do nothing but submit to it’s powerful grasp.

She squirmed desperately, finding only restraint and captivity in her struggles. The man who approved of her commitment grabbed her firmly by the neck and began to escort her down the hallway to her awaiting padded cell. She tried terribly to escape. Her last hope at freedom and the normal life of a 19 year old girl, but the seconds counted down. It would only be a matter of time before she would be imprisoned deep in this wretched asylum, never to be heard from by the outside world ever again.

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