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"Suspended Perspective"

Carissa stares helplessly at the floor of her cell as she struggles to escape her strict bondage. Captured mere hours ago and taken to a secluded location, Carissa awaits what comes next. Would she be shipped off to slavers overseas? Would she remain captive inside this cold and dark cell? Or would a more dire fate be bestowed on poor Carissa? Only time would tell.

Meanwhile, Carissa continues to struggle in her small armbinder and leather harness that have both been strapped tightly onto her voluptuous body. The red rubber ballgag that has been sunk deep into Carissa’s mouth prevents her from making any intelligible words. She looks at the heavy door in front of her that has been locked securely, sealing her inside her cell. Carissa struggles to reach it, but she is much too far away and her bondage holds her tightly in place. Suspended several feet above the ground and secured to the back wall of her cell, Carissa can do nothing but sulk in her misery, plead from behind her ballgag and struggle helplessly in her tight and secure bondage.

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Mr. Metzger
Mr. Metzger

Oh my. If I were her captor, I'd definitely keep her for myself. I am sure she'll do anything to escape her cell even for a few hours...

Martin Martyr
Martin Martyr

I'd love to keep a beautiful young woman like her as my own as well. One can only dream 😁


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