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"Strict Affection"

One minute, Mandy and Jessica were innocent college coeds on an extravagant holiday overseas in Holland.

The next, they were nicked captives, kidnapped by a gang of thugs and sold into slavery to the highest bidder.

Mandy and Jessica could only be so lucky. Many of the slaves purchased through auction were brought to inhumane and desolate environments and treated like animals. Luckily for them, their Mistress was a rich and powerful woman by the name of Adriana Van Baas. And although Mistress Van Baas cared for her slaves and looked after them with the grace of a kind and responsible caretaker, she also kept the girls in strict bondage in her basement dungeon far from the luxuries of society. The girls were fed regularly, exercised daily and showed the intimate caress and affection that only their loving Mistress could provide. Still, Mistress Van Baas didn’t purchase her slaves for naught. Mandy and Jessica were often reduced to demeaning tasks conjured only to please Mistress Van Baas and the girls’ only sources of comfort were each other and the slowly growing admiration for their bondage and the affection of their Mistress who kept them in helpless captivity and inescapable restraint.

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