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"Stern Punishment"

The Warden instructed his guards to escort the girls to the prison’s chamber to the ready the prisoners for isolation. He informs the girls that they all will be restricted to solitary isolation indefinitely until one of them comes forward, but no one will fess up to the escape plot. He scans his prisoners’ faces slowly to try to get a reading on who the instigator might be, but the female prisoners just look at him in fear. The girls are forcefully dragged out of the room kicking and screaming to their respective isolation rooms, where they will spend an undisclosed amount of time imprisoned and alone.

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Martin Martyr
Martin Martyr
30 nov 2019

@DrLockhart Thank you! Glad that you like it. I plan on putting up Andrea Stalked, but there may be a problem with Tricked into Capture. Since that was an older story, I had that on an older computer that has since crashed. I'm not sure if I transferred everything over to another computer or HD, so I will have to see. I can't guarantee it unfortunately. :(

Me gusta

Great work as always, do you have plans to add Tricked Into Capture and Andre Stalked to Trussed Tales?

Me gusta

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