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"Situational Reversal"

As with many of you, I am a big fan of many other bondage artists found throughout the depths of the internet. I am often inspired by some of the images and concepts that I see and it motivates me to create some of my own images, as well as trying to recreate some of the images that seem to strike a chord with me.

One of the very first images that I tried to recreate was by an artist by the name of Alexander LeGrande. Even though Alexander and I use very different mediums to create our images and the overall format is a bit different, I think it’s safe to say that he and I share a lot of similarities.

Scrolling through his gallery, I one will find numerous young women trapped in latex-like prison restraints and straitjackets with a variety of different gags and situations that the beautiful girls find themselves in.

One of the aspects of Alexander's images that stands out to me the most is the latex straitjackets. This has been something that has caught my attention immediately when perusing through the wonderful content throughout his profile.

The image above is a direct homage to an image by Alexander entitled “Retournement de Situation”. There is a bit of a series of events that lead up to Alexander’s version of this image, but this was probably my favorite moment in this particular story line.

Even though I prefer to see young ladies strapped up in tight straitjackets, there is something about seeing them with the jacket on, and the straps buckled in the back, but the arms not yet strapped in, or hanging loose in some way. I think it’s the ominous nature of the inevitable that is so appealing to me. The fact that even though the young woman is somewhat free, it would only take a matter of seconds and fairly little effort to disable her into complete restraint.

To me, Alexander’s image has so many aspects to add tension to the scene. The main character (in my version, Miss Carissa Andrews) is wearing a tight and form fitting straitjacket with the arms unstrapped (insinuating that she has begun the process of trying to escape). The woman draped over the wooden horse appears to have been incapacitated by the straitjacketed girl after a bit of a scuffle. To the right, another young woman is completely restrained to a post and at the complete mercy of anyone who is interested in having their way with her. And finally, there is a guard of some kind entering the room, seemingly clueless as to the events that have just occurred in this room.

Will the guard recapture the mostly restrained Carissa Andrews? Will Carissa get the drop on the guard and bring her to submission in an attempt to escape her confines? Or maybe both girls might team up to have their way with the completely restrained young woman in the room? I think that the fact that this image has so much tension and so many possible paths is what really drew me to it in the first place. Certainly, I know how the story turns out at this point, but I thought this would be a nice homage to let the imagination wander and allow the viewer to create their own storyline as to the events that might follow.

I hope you enjoy! And if you do, please take some time to view and watch Alexander LeGrande’s profile. There is a lot of amazing art on there and I am certain that you won’t be disappointed.

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Mr. Metzger
Mr. Metzger
Nov 19, 2022

I must say that while your works and those of alexanderlegrand share quite some vital features, your vastly different styles create equally different results, even in the case of essentially the same image. Alexander's toon style kind of lets the situations depicted appear much less severe, IMO, even the heaviest of bondage still has a light-hearted mood attached to it. Here, it's very different. Not only does Carissa look so very sexy, but you can feel the kind of threat the unaware guard poses, you know that Carissa's heart must be racing right now. And her straitjacket simply looks fantastic! Just like the necklace ;-)

Mr. Metzger
Mr. Metzger
Nov 26, 2022
Replying to

That's true. But imagine being used to being surrounded by helpless hotties all the time. Being used to that sounds awesome and awful at the same time 😳


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