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Site Launch!

Welcome to the official launch of Martyr Bondage! Thank you for visiting and viewing the content. One of the biggest things regarding the change over to this new site is that the majority of the newer images (most of 2019) are marked with a Patreon logo. Needless to say, these are being removed and replaced with a Martyr Bondage logo, which can be rather time consuming. So please have patience as the site grows and acquires new content. Several of the pages such as the 'About', 'Forum', 'Customs' and 'Links' sections are still a work in progress, but will be added in the near future. The 'Big Ticket items', such as the 'Galleries' and 'Previews' sections are up and running and ready to go, with much more to come very soon. Should there be any technical issues, please contact Martyr on the 'Contact' page. Thank you all for stopping by and for joining in the official site launch of Martyr Bondage! Very special thank you to Mr. Metzger for his input, critiques and general expertise in the creation of this website.

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