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Bedtime in Bellevue means restrictive restraints for each female roommate.

The patient patients peer into each others’ pupils and ponder their perfect predicament.

If only someone would have believed them. If only someone could relieve them.

Relieve them of their horrible horror. This terrible terror of their nightmare turned tangible.

This burden of their bindings. This format they are found in, keeps them at bay, requires them to stay.

For they are no longer the ladies that luxuriously lavished in liberty, but a duo of determined detainees desperate for release.

A foolish fantasy that could never come to fruition.

A futile fight that these females could never flee from.

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Mr. Metzger
Mr. Metzger
Jan 19, 2023

Could be worse, I mean at least each of them got a lovely companion!

Those sheer tees look awesome! 🤤 So do the big white balls strapped into their mouths. Very beautiful bondagettes 🙂

Replying to

Very true on all accounts! 😍😍


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