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"Retroceder el Jueves: Años Después"

If you’ve been following me for a little while or have taken the time to venture back to some of my old works, you might have stumbled across a piece entitled “Prisionero de Maxima Seguridad en Peru”. In this image, a Latina woman is seen in a yellow Siltex suit while securely chained to the inside of her prison cell. The prisoner, much like most of my prisoners, is fairly pretty with an assortment of makeup on her face, her hair done up and a nice & new, clean Siltex suit.

A few years back, shortly after first posting this image, a customer commissioned me to create a followup to this image, where the prisoner is seen several years later, still in her inescapable predicament. Her hair slightly disheveled, her Siltex suit dirty, several saliva pools that had dripped from her ballgagged mouth onto the suit and to the floor below, her chains dull and slightly rusted from the years of exposure.

I had been in contact with the customer throughout the process of creating this image to make sure things were to his liking. One day, I asked a question about the chains and I never heard from him again. I continued to send messages, but never once heard a response. So, nothing really came of this scene. In fact, I don’t think I ever even rendered it until now. Again, why spend the time working on something when no one is ever going to see it, right?

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