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"Rashly Optimistic"

Even though her attempts are futile, Natalie tries desperately to escape from her captivity. She’s been sentenced to several years of imprisonment by a corrupt judge and incarcerated by a devious warden for a slew of crimes that she didn’t commit. The only things standing between her and certain freedom are a steel shackle and chain attached to a thick post in the center of Natalie’s cage, a series of leather straps, harnesses and chains accompanying her inescapable Siltex restraint suit, the thick metal door to her cell that has been locked from the outside, a variable maze of long winding hallways that are swarming with armed prison guards and outfitted with various CCTV cameras, the large secured door leading to the small island in which the secluded prison is located, and a vast ocean where not another source of land could be seen for miles. Even if Natalie could escape from all of her treacherous obstacles and reach the ocean, she would have no idea which direction would lead to home. With all that stands in Natalie’s way, it looks like she’ll be serving out her sentence for years and years to come. Surely, Natalie is in store for a harsh punishment if the guards catch her trying to escape.

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