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"Rachel Adams Begs to Stay Tied Up"

I’m pleased to announce the release of yet another bondage custom that I commissioned from my pal ShinyBound featuring bondage titan Rachel Adams! Even though I’ve posted a couple of other Rachel Adams customs in the past, this was actually the first custom that I had purchased with Rachel. I’d seen her on many different websites throughout the bondage world and I just knew I just had to get my style of ropes and gag on this lovely young lady. In my time as a bondage enthusiast, I’ve seen thousands and thousands of bondage scenes and images with a plethora of different models. Some models were able to take fairly stringent ties, and some that were on the lighter side. But in all my years of viewing and collecting bondage content, I’ve never seen a bondage model like Rachel Adams. She has taken some of the most intense ties and gags that I have ever seen in my life, and for an extended period of time too. Combine that with the amount of work she has done in the bondage world shows that a genuine love for being helplessly tied up just emanates from this bondage superstar. To illustrate my point, the first time I had ever contacted Rachel personally about a custom (not this one, this went through Shiny), she gave me a quote for the custom that included about a 20 minute video and several images. The quote was already below the average that I typically spend on customs and without me even saying anything she said “But I’m negotiable and I can do it for cheaper if you want.” In just about any other facet of my life, I would not turn down a deal or discount, but I said to Rachel “Absolutely not! I’m sure you’re worth every penny.” And I will say from experience, that she is. Want an absolute trooper. If you are ever considering purchasing your own bondage custom or have thought about contacting Rachel, I would say do not hesitate. Not only is she super cute and super nice to talk to, but she is such a professional and absolutely grateful to her fans and customers. When it comes to super tight ropes, intense gags and an absolute LOVE for bondage, Rachel Adams is nothing less than the G.O.A.T.!

Rachel Adams is a sexy spy assigned to a dangerous mission to steal top secret information from the harddrive of a rival agency. She enters a room wearing a very tight black spandex outfit consisting of disco jeans and a long sleeved unitard. After inserting a flash drive into the USB port of the agency’s mainframe computer, she waits patiently as the files download onto the drive. Just as the files are nearly complete, a guard spots Rachel and captures her. A short time later, Rachel is seen securely tied up on a bed inside the facility with several feet of tight white rope with a pink ballgag strapped into her mouth and several strips of very adhesive tape plastered over the top. Rachel’s fists have been wrapped tightly in microfoam tape, rendering them completely useless. Rachel squirms to escape her bondage, but the guard has her right where he wants her. Helpless in the depths of the facility's prison. Rachel attempts to shout for help through her silencing gag, but she is thoroughly muffled.

After a few minutes of struggling, the guard returns to check on his prisoner and ensure she is bound securely. He peels the strips of tape from Rachel’s face and removes the ballgag from her mouth, only to let it dangle around her neck. The guard sits down on the bed and states that he believes that Rachel has learned her lesson and it is time for her to be released from her bondage. Rachel stops the guard immediately and informs him that she wants to stay tied up and that she is beginning to enjoy her experience. The guard stands from the bed to exit the room, but Rachel stops him before he can leave. “Wait, aren’t you going to gag me before you leave?” She asks desperately. She looks at the guard with pleading eyes. How could he resist? The guard pulls out a roll of microfoam tape and begins to gag Rachel by wrapping her head tightly in the tape. Rachel’s mouth is sealed shut by the tape as the guard makes several turns around her head. The guard then positions Rachel on her stomach and proceeds to hogtie her tightly so that she has no chance of escaping his strict bondage. The guard then exits the room, leaving Rachel alone to struggle sensually in her tight rope bondage. Moments into her struggles, Rachel begins to grind her hips into her tight crotch rope as she enjoys the feeling of the ropes and tape that hold her helplessly in stringent restraint. Get this scene, a bunch of my other customs and TONS of great bondage content with some of the best bondage models at!

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