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"Prison Games"

Poor Ashley has been locked up for the last several years, but when she was offered some time away from her cell, she jumped at the chance to spend time outside of those wretched walls. But there was one catch, she had to participate in an activity while she was out of the cell.

“Sure! Anything!” She said. “I can’t stand another minute locked up like this.”

Ashley quickly finds out that she spoke too soon. She is quickly bound in tight ropes and gagged with a thick cloth before being brought to a secluded corridor at the other end of the prison. She is blindfolded and brought to the top of a platform in the middle of a large room.

“Okay, let’s leave the prisoner in peace.” The warden says to the guards.

“We’ll be back to check your…’progress’ in a little while Miss Anderssen. Try not to get...hung up on any one part of the maze.” The warden says with a chuckle. The guards have a quick laugh at Ashley’s expense before descending down the platform.

“Awen’t wou gomma twake my bwindfowd owff?” Ashley asks.

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