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"Pit Of Despair"

As soon as the words exited Arielle’s mouth, she’d wished that she never uttered a single peep. What a horrific mistake to insult the Warden’s recently deceased wife, and right in front of his face. Within a matter of seconds, Arielle was whisked away and prepared for a treacherous new life inside the walls of this terrible prison she had been locked away in. Until now, her sentence had been quite tolerable, but that was all about to change.

The guards had taken Arielle away with extreme force, and showed no signs of weakening as they outfitted her with a custom made Siltex Restraint Suit, designed to restrain and humiliate poor Arielle as she lived out her days as a helpless prisoner.

Once Arielle’s transformation was complete, she was forcefully taken through the halls of the prison to the very depths of the most outreaching cell block. A place that she had only heard of through tales from the other inmates, but was soon to find a reality.

Arielle’s escorts brought her through a long hallway in the center of the cell block and stopped dead in their tracks in the middle. Arielle looked at her captors in confusion as she wondered why the convoy had ceased at this location. One of the guards knelt down and opened a trapdoor located at their feet, revealing a small pit covered by a steel grate.

Arielle’s eyes widened with desperation as she looked into the guards eyes.

“Mno! Pwease!!” Arielle pleaded with the guard, hoping that he would show a hint of compassion, knowing that he was about to subject a living human with feelings and emotions to a terrible fate. But the guard lacked any empathy for his subject as he quickly spun her around and wrapped his bicep around Arielle’s neck in a headlock-like position.

The other guard quickly opened the steel grate by a small hatch and proceeded to present a metal ladder tucked away behind a large pillar. The guard lowered the ladder into the pit and proceeded to descend into the pit. At this point, Arielle began to thrash and struggle as she tried desperately to escape her restraints, but her Siltex Suit was much too much for her to handle.

The guard inside the pit began to extend his arms upward to receive Arielle as the guard restraining Arielle began to lower her down into the pit. Within seconds, Arielle was entered into the place where she would inhabit for the remainder of her life sentence. The second guard entered the pit and the two began to forcefully bring Arielle to her knees. Thankfully, the versatility of Arielle’s Siltex Suit allowed the guards to quickly and efficiently restrain Arielle in a kneeling position.

The guards then quickly chained the back of Arielle’s chest harness to the wall of the pit and stood for a moment as they admired their handy work. Arielle looked around the pit frantically for a place to escape from, but her foolish hopes were quickly squashed. The two guards quickly ascended the ladder and pulled it from the depths of the pit, leaving Arielle trapped below.

“Pweaphe!! Hewph mhe!!!” Arielle begged, but the guards just laughed at their prisoner’s horrible predicament and closed the grate below their feet, locking the steel hasp with a large and rigid padlock. The two laugh sadistically as they exited the long hallway from which they came.

To this day, Arielle remains securely restrained and secured inside the depths of the treacherous Pit of Despair, with no signs of ever being released. A place designed to house the most horrific of criminals, now utilized for a gorgeous and helpless prisoner once known as Arielle. The only interaction Arielle sees with other humans is the semi-monthly encounter when another beautiful inmate like herself is brought through the lengthy hallway toward her own treacherous fate in the depths of the forgotten cell block.

The guards and the inmates often unwillingly kicks dirt and small pebbles into Arielle’s pit as they cross over the steel grate on the way toward their destination, deeper in the hollows of the forgotten cell block. More often than not, the other prisoners pass by, completely focused on the circumstances of their own predicament that they don’t even notice poor Arielle below. But, occasionally, the newly condemned females lock eyes with Arielle as they pass by overhead. Arielle watches as she wonders what terrible fate these newly appointed young women are moments from enduring. Whatever fate the Warden may dream up, could not be as terrifying or horrific as poor Arielle’s. To exist in pure restraint in the bottom of the terrible Pit of Despair.

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Mr. Metzger
Mr. Metzger
29 janv. 2023

Well, seems like she brought this onto herself! Very nice kneeling pose, showing off the goods beautifully. And the gag looks *so* good in her mouth 😍


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