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"Mistwood - 5"

Don't forget to check back regularly for new installments of 'Mistwood'!! A spooky story about two best friends lost inside of a supposed haunted asylum.

“Come on. Where’s your sense of adventure?” Stacy asks trying to pressure Emily into going to search with her. “I mean, if it’s not there anymore, what could possibly happen?” Stacy says, making her request seem a little more safe and logical.

“Alright. Fine. But let's get back before it gets dark out. I have no interest in being in those woods after the sun goes down.” Emily as she rests her hand on Stacy’s hand.

“You got it.” Stacy says with a smile. “Then we can watch a scary movie when we get back.”

“Like hell we can…” Emily says with a chuckle. “Let me just change really quick. I want something a little warmer.” Emily stands up from the couch and walks over to her closet. She turns toward her window again and stares out at the vast, looming trees behind her property. Mistwood Forest.

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