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When Emily’s best friend Stacy reads an article about a spooky and abandoned insane asylum located on the outskirts of their town, Stacy visits Emily to inform her of an eerie discovery. At the height of the asylum’s operation in the 1960s, two young women who were committed to the asylum made risky escape attempt from the asylum and it’s fiendish head administrator, Dr. Zayden. During the girls’ escape attempt, the asylum caught fire, killing Dr. Zayden as well as several of the staff members and patients trapped inside the building. The blaze critically damaged the asylum which was condemned before being said to be demolished in the 1970s. The creepiest aspect of the article, is that a photograph taken decades before Emily and Stacy were born depicted the two escaped girls, who bare an eerie resemblance to Emily and Stacy, and who also shared their first names. According to legend and the article, the two girls were said to have escaped from the asylum, and never seen or heard from again.

Stacy, being the more adventurous one, convinces Emily to go explore where the creepy asylum once stood and where the photo was said to have been taken. After a long walk through a dark and spooky forest just on the outskirts of town, the girls arrive at the gates of Mistwood Insane Asylum, a towering building that was thought to have been destroyed decades ago. The girls make their way into the mysterious structure and wander through it’s eerie halls before quickly getting lost and unable to find the exit. Strange noises and haunting images seem to possess the hallways of the asylum, or is it all just the girls’ imagination?

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