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"Looney Bin Locals"

A set of double doors that lead to the psych ward inside Parkview Insane Asylum for Young Women burst open as a pair of female orderlies escort a helplessly straitjacketed Ashley Anderssen down the long hallway and toward an awaiting padded cell. Doctor Grace walks alongside them with her clipboard in hand as she reads aloud her diagnosis of her newest patient, Miss Ashley Anderssen.

“I’m afraid that your recent outburst during our meeting warrants this kind of treatment, Miss Anderssen.” The doctor says as she looks down at her clipboard.

“Though you’ve only been on our property for a matter of minutes, and you claim that you were merely lost in the woods outside of our institution, I’m afraid that I have no other choice but to admit you to our asylum, Miss Anderssen.”

“Mmmm, MMmmm mmm mmph.” Ashley says from behind the large ballgag and layers of adhesive medical tape that have been plastered over her face and mouth.

“Here, you’ll receive the attention and treatment you desperately require before we can release you back into the world.” Doctor Grace states.

“Bmph, mm mph cwphy!” Ashley insists.

As the orderlies quickly bring Ashley through the hallways of the psych ward, Ashley can hear the sound of young women shouting, laughing and making an array of sounds and noises. The Orderlies turn the corner and Ashley can see a variety of young women, all wearing the same exact hospital clothing that she has been unwillingly dressed in, minus the security of the straitjacket. Ashley stares with an awkward expression as they pass a young woman singing horribly into a plastic hairbrush while a tall and limber young woman dances gracefully as if she were a ballerina. A second set of double doors is opened leading to another corridor with even more female patients. To Ashley’s left, a young woman wearing a gold party mask and a blue blanket tied around her neck as if it were a cape stands with her hands on her hips, puffing her chest out in a heroic manner as she watches Ashley and the asylum staff walk through the hallway.

“Stand back citizen! I’ll save you from the clutches of the evil Doctor White Cloth and her goons. Unhand her!” The young woman says with a prideful and self-assured tone in her voice.

Ashley turns her head and looks at the young woman and raises an eyebrow in confusion as they quickly pass the young woman standing motionless with her hands on her hips.

To Ashley’s right, a young woman jolts and jerks about as if she is being bombarded with a flurry of attacks. She dodges and weaves back and forth as she makes explosion sounds with her mouth. The young woman clasps her hands together and points her index fingers toward the ceiling as if to form a laser gun.

“Pew… pew pew pew.” She audibly recreates the sound of the laser firing at her foes.

Next to the young women engaged in a pretend cosmic combat is a room with a door and plexiglass windows. Inside the room is a young woman with green hair who has obviously been locked inside the room and away from the other patients. She pounds her fists and palms on the plexiglass as she yells incoherent gibberish to Ashley and the passing Doctor and Orderlies. Ashley looks over and widens her eyes fearfully as she looks at the young woman inside the room. Just past the room is a young woman standing in the hallway with pigtails in her hair. Her makeup and lipstick are smeared all over her face as she watches Ashley and the orderlies walk by.

“Ooooh. A huggy jacket! I love the huggy jacket. Please, please, please put me in the huggy jacket!” The young woman requests, referring to Ashley’s straitjacket in a jealous manner. The young woman places her palms together in a pleading and prayer-like manner and leans into the path of the group as they are about to pass. The Orderly to Ashley’s right sticks out her right forearm and pushes the young woman out of the way.

“Stay back, ya wacko.” The Orderly says as she forcefully pushes away the female patient.

“Please, pretty pretty please…” The young woman continues to plead, but the group just continues to move forward quickly toward Ashley’s awaiting cell.

Ashley turns her head and looks out the barred window toward the outside world she knew only mere minutes ago. Wishing and praying that she could just burst out of this straitjacket of hers and escape back to civilization, but it was no use. Ashley’s arms have been confined too tightly and her straitjacket has already claimed Ashley as its captive. Ashley looks up toward the orderly to her left as her vision of the outside world draws further and further away.

“Yes, Miss Anderssen. I think you’ll fit in here just fine.” Doctor Grace says with a smile as she lowers the clipboard down to her side and looks over at Ashley.

“Now let’s get you into that padded cell of yours.” The Doctor says as she lowers her head slightly and grins with a maniacal smile.

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Mr. Metzger
Mr. Metzger
Sep 02, 2023

Now that is one busy image! Sooo many crazy women, I really like your description of them! Ashley's combo of ball-gag and tape looks particularly good in this instance, you really can tell that thing is going to stay in her mouth no matter what. I don't get why the bondage-loving patient is not granted her wish, though — the institute does have enough straitjackets for everybody inside, I hope?! By the way the orderly who is making eye-contact with Ashley is a pretty one, wouldn't mind seeing the tables turned on her ;-)

Martin Martyr
Martin Martyr
Oct 05, 2023
Replying to

Yes, this image took a lot of rendering. Many different elements that needed to be spliced together. But, I like to think that it will only be a matter of time before the other patients is granted her request. First, the orderlies must take care of Ashley 😉


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