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Lexi Poll June 8th, 2020

Well, the second poll for the upcoming Alexis 'Lexi' Giovanni story is in the books, and what a close one it was. Several of the choices went back and forth and there were many lead changes. Some choices that didn't have any votes for the majority of the poll started making a push, but just didn't get enough votes in the end to prevail. So, the winner of the poll "Before Lexi is captured, what should she be wearing?" is...

the "Clubbing (Tight, shiny dress and pumped heels) outfit!

Thank you to everyone that voted!

But now, since Lexi is going to be taken back to prison, we have to find out what kind of police officers will be capturing her. Should it be two male officers, two female officers or a mixed group of one male and one female? The new poll is up now in the Polls section!

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