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"Left In Waiting"

It’s been days, and Cassie still remains shackled inside her cell. One tiny mistake and she finds herself locked up abroad in the custody of a South American justice system. One of the most strict in the world.

All she can do is sit and wait, hoping she will have her day in court soon so that she can plead her case, declare her innocence and possibly be set free. Or at least get a reduced sentence. But unfortunately for her, the odds are against it.

The chain connecting Cassie’s wrists to her ankle cuffs is so short that she can barely stand up straight, let alone make a break for it to escape. Alas, she remains locked up in her cell with no way out. Even if there were some sort of instrument to pick at her cuffs, her hands have been mitted to ensure maximum restriction.

Chances are, a new life awaits Cassie. A life she never before thought possible, but has dreaded the thought of since it’s inception mere hours ago. A life of captivity with nothing to accompany her but the cold steel clamped around her wrists and ankles and the concrete walls that confine her to imprisonment.

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