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"Kim in Colombia"

Hapless reality TV star and self proclaimed “entrepreneur” Kim Kardashian has found herself in yet another uncompromising situation.

“That’s not mine! I SWEAR!” Kim blurts out as she is quickly handcuffed and taken away in an armored vehicle. But the authorities don’t listen. They have more than enough evidence to lock the curvaceous superstar up for the rest of her natural life.

Kim is taken to a Colombian jail where she is quickly stripped of her clothing and severely bound to a wooden pillar in one of the jail cells. The harsh ropes dig into Kim’s skin as she tries to struggle to escape. But freedom for Kim Kardashian is unattainable and her efforts grow weaker and weaker by the second.

As each day passes, Kim wonders how she will ever escape her dire predicament. A guilty verdict could mean she’d have to spend the rest of her life in this terrible situation, or possibly worse. Kim’s mind races as she contemplates the possibility of her new life of bondage and imprisonment.

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