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"Katie's Helplessness"

She tries to be optimistic, but Katie’s hopes of ever being let loose from her stringent plight have dwindled down to next to nothing. The more she struggles, the more exhausted she becomes, and with each rest period, it becomes more and more difficult to regain her strength and stamina.

Months of captivity have led to this very moment. A moment indistinguishable from thousands that have come before and thousands that lie ahead. Katie’s arms begin to grow numb from the position in which they have been pulled so tightly behind her back and up her shoulder blades. She tries to pick at the chains that hold her arms in the uncomfortable position, but her hands are completely encased in shrink wrapped mitts that allow her fingers absolutely no access to anything.

As Katie attempts to cry out for help, she squirms and wiggles in the restraints, but the only sounds that can be heard are muffled whimpers and the jingling of the chains that hold her prisoner. Defeated, Katie bows her head and begins to moan in despair. It only took a few seconds for her captors to place her in such a helpless predicament, but it would be a never ending, impossible quandary for Katie to ever get herself out.

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