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"K.A.T.E.: Agent Upton's Undercover Mishap"

This image is a re-render of a series that I started working on in 2018. The main premise of the series is that there is a secret underground intelligence agency called the “Key Agents of Tactical Espionage” or “K.A.T.E.” that is composed of many of the different celebrity Kates throughout the world who are enlisted as intelligence agents and spies. Such as ‘Agent Perry’, ‘Agent Holmes’, ‘Agent Heigl’ and ‘Agent Middleton’, to name a few.

The initial story follows ‘Agent Upton’ as she is given a mission to break into a secure facility to steal confidential documents and sabotage a terrorist organization’s weapons supply. Just after her mission is complete, she is captured by the local authorities and taken to a secure prison miles and miles away. Little does Agent Upton know, but this was also part of her mission so that she is able to rescue one of the other agents who has been incarcerated in the prison for several grueling months.

The end of this particular story in the series was going to have a typical “action movie” ending where Agent Upton is seen slowly walking away from the prison that she just escaped from as the building explodes in a huge ball of fire behind her. Of course Agent Upton is completely unphased by the blast and as cool as can be as she still wears her prison uniform with unlatched cuffs dangling from her prisoner transport belt. As with several of the stories that I devise in my head, this one never came to full fruition due to the amount of time needed to create it and the other projects that I’ve worked on just being a bit more of a priority.

So as I was sifting through some older images the other day, I stumbled upon a test render of this image and even though it was a test, I really liked the overall outcome. So, I decided to re-render it in full scale, now with the capabilities of my newer hardware and some techniques I’ve learned in the last several months and years. Maybe if there is enough interest, I could be persuaded to resurrect this story/series and do a few more images.

Hope you enjoy.

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